Existing translations

The PedsQL scales have already been translated into multiple international languages. Please click on linguistic validation process for the full translation protocol. Availability and validity of each existing translation must be checked with Mapi Research Institute. If not available in the language(s) required, a Linguistic Validation must be undergone.

List of existing translations

Performing new translations

- All PedsQL translations must be conducted in close collaboration with Mapi Research Institute in Lyon, France and with Dr. James W. Varni who jointly developed translation guidelines to fit the PedsQL specificities.

- Dr. James W. Varni owns the copyright on any new translation.

  • Commercial and/or international studies
    In order to undertake the linguistic validation of the PedsQL questionnaire, funds are needed to support the whole translation process. If a company sponsors the translation of the PedsQL into one or more languages, the latter company will be exonerated of the access right costs for the particular study for which they finance the translation(s).

    For any future trial the cost for using the sponsored versions would be free. However, the access right plus the cost for all other translations and the original American dialect English version would remain unchanged (see PedsQL conditions of use).

  • Not funded Research and Evaluation studies
    If funds are not available, PedsQL translation guidelines may be provided to allow academics and clinicians to use the PedsQL in their institution.

For information about the status of existing translations and/or for a cost-estimation of the linguistic validation of the PedsQL into (a) new language(s), please complete the Background Information Form and return it signed to:

Mapi Research Trust
27, rue de la Villette
69003 Lyon

Tel: +33 4 72 13 65 75
Fax: +33 4 72 13 55 73
Web: eprovide.mapi-trust.org/

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